Some frank advice on choosing a Carpet Cleaning Company...

           We’ve cleaned hundreds of homes in Leon County  over the years. Chances are you’ve seen our truck parked in a neighbor’s driveway. Your neighbors and hundreds of Leon County residents choose Busy Bee  because of our reputation for first quality service. But we’re not talking about your neighbors here.We’re talking about who YOU want to let into your home and entrust to make your carpet the healthiest it can be. You should look at several factors when choosing a cleaner.

            Certainly reputation is at the top of the list. We can provide you with references, people just like yourself, who have done business with us. You also want to make sure that whomever you choose is certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration (IICRC). This is a national organization that provides comprehensive technical training and certification to carpet cleaners in a variety of specialities including Upholstery and Rug Cleaning and Water Damage Restoration. All of my technicians and I have undergone this intensive training and certification process. 

             You’ll also want to be aware of the cleaning method the company uses. We use steam extraction cleaning powered by a truck ounted system. This is by far the most powerful and preferred method for getting your carpets completely and deeply clean. Portable units will get your carpets clean, but the job takes much longer and drying times are typically longer. A truck mounted system produces the kind of pressure and heat that pulls tough stains, ground in soils, and other pollutants out of your carpet easily and quickly. This means less time off your carpet for you and your family. The higher temperature produced by truck mounted steam extraction units also serves to sterilize your carpet and creates the kind of fresh, healthy clean you want for your family

         Buzy Bee was established in 2007. At Buzy Bee we work hard to exceed our customers' expectations. Our team of professionals are equipped to get your carpets looking their best. Our deep carpet cleaning methods are designed to remove dirt, grime, and allergens to improve the look of your carpet while making your interior a healthier, safer place in the process. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and consistently reliable service; and we're ready to show you why it pays to invest in our carpet cleaning services. We specialize in bringing dirty, smelly carpets back to life through thorough, professional cleaning techniques. No matter the size of your home or state of your carpets, we can have them looking, feeling, and smelling their best in no time.